Eisai Research Institute of Boston Andover Research Center

Drug Safety Disposition Laboratory

Biology Laboratory

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Eisai Research Institute of Boston Andover Research Center

Andover, Massachusetts | 190,000 sqf | $61 million | 2006

The Eisai Research Institute of Boston is the research component of the Japanese pharmaceutical company Eisai Co., Ltd.  Ellenzweig planned and designed the Institute’s Andover facilities, beginning with the initial headquarters building of 47,000 gsf, completed in 1989.  A subsequent 143,000 sf expansion completed in 2006—the Andover Research Center—augmented Eisai’s capabilities in Biology, Chemistry, and Drug Disposition research; specialized core laboratories include and NMR and robotics facilities.  Corporate components of the program include a company-wide meeting and function room, cafeteria, teleconference and small-group meeting rooms, offices, main lobby, and two employee lobbies.


The Research Center links to the original headquarters building with a series of interior and exterior connections that transform the research campus into one cohesive facility.  Located on a 23-acre site, the one-story building complex wraps around a campus pond; wooded and landscaped areas contribute to the views captured by the design.


The newer structure is designed as a series of pavilions—one for each of the research disciplines, and one for administrative and public functions.  Each research pavilion is linked to the next with skylit, interactive lounge areas.  Interior spaces provide a highly open and visible environment to promote interaction among researchers; glass walls connecting labs to support areas allow views through the building from lab to lab and office to lab.  Administrative areas are connected to the research areas by an atrium that also serves as a public entrance and a company gathering-place.

Eisai Research Institute of Boston Andover Research Center