The Gold Standard

WELLness in the Built Environment

EMD Sagamore
Billerica, Massachusetts

The EMD Sagamore project was the first building project in the United States – and only the second in the world – awarded WELL Gold Certification. This project incorporates all preconditions and several features across the seven concepts (the WELL building standard at the time) to achieve this level of certification. Key features of the project include:


  • Healthy Indoor Air: In addition to low-VOC finishes and furnishings, a covered entrance is provided with properly designed walk-off mats and floor grills that ensure irritants are minimized in the building.


  • Stair Promotion: A prominent and welcoming staircase encourages occupants to incorporate short periods of physical activity into their day.


  • Sense of Place: The design celebrates EMD’s culture and spirit, encouraging interaction.


  • Biophilia: Live plants and natural forms incorporated throughout the interior improve emotional and psychological well-being.


  • Quiet: Space-designated areas with a strong visual connection to the outdoors afford employees opportunities for focus, contemplation, and relaxation.


  • Visual and Circadian Lighting Design: New and renovated areas feature high-efficiency LED lighting that promotes the body’s natural rhythms, and 75% of occupied space has access to natural daylight.


  • Ergonomics: Free-address work environments and adjustable worktop heights encourage movement and reduce physical pain.


  • Healthy Food Access: EMD does not provide any food or beverages containing trans fats or high sugar levels (such as soda or junk foods) within the facility or on campus, including vending machines. Employees are provided with space to store and enjoy their own food away from their desks.


Learn more about the project here.