Virtual Reality for Stakeholders

Beneficial Immersion from Design through Construction

Challenge: Leverage ongoing technological advances in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) to beneficially engage key stakeholders spanning all project phases, resulting in optimal design solutions.


Solution: Ellenzweig aggressively employs a hybrid, diversified VR palette to allow client representatives, users, our architects, and builders to experientially participate in ongoing design evolution and realization.  We have created a “VR zone” in the heart of our open studio and we take mobile, diversified VR application on-site.  This allows key stakeholders beneficial immersive participation using hardware and software that we optimize for the purpose at hand.  We assure that beneficial VR experiences can be achieved with hardware and software that is affordable and accessible for non-experts outside of Ellenzweig as well as for technophiles at Ellenzweig.  This is not intended to produce glamorous advertisements; it is entirely a practical endeavor geared toward optimal design solutions.


Benefit: Ellenzweig’s strategic VR deployment allows key stakeholders the opportunity to immersively experience, evaluate and feedback-to our evolving design solutions.  The results are optimal project understanding and thoroughly tested design solutions, eliminating unfortunate “surprises” that are invasive and expensive to ameliorate.