BIM-Optimized Design Solutions

Building Planning and Programming

University of Mississippi
New STEM Building
Oxford, Mississippi

Challenge:   Dynamically meet programmed area and adjacency requirements, integrated with 3D exploration of building form, beginning in planning and programming phases.


Solution:   Leverage BIM to maintain area and adjacency requirements in three dimensions as schematic form and building plans are evolved. Dynamically track net square footage vs. gross square footage by space and department across options.


Benefit:   Ellenzweig optimizes the viability of its design solutions for its clients by fluidly evaluating multiple design options, numerically reconciled with programs and conforming to adjacency requirements, from the earliest project phases.


This planning process is illustrated below for a new STEM facility for the University of Mississippi; starting with a tabular program, moving to a graphic program, then to a 3D stacking diagram, to more developed floor plans, to an evolving reconciled building form.