Leveraged 3D Modeling

Integrated Design through Construction

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital
Worcester, Massachusetts

Challenge: Integrate electronic 3D study modeling with set production and construction processes, in order to efficiently study, document, prototype and construct complex three dimensional form.


Solution: Ellenzweig has established “smart templates and transfer processes,” across software platforms, to allow the 3D models that we use for design study and visualization to be efficiently incorporated into the BIM models that we use for set production, prototype fabrication and construction.  So, there is no disconnect between our dynamically evolving 3D design modeling, our production set development, our field prototype fabrication and our overall project construction.


Benefit: Ellenzweig’s mastery of the necessary software “hooks” and information transfer processes allows us to uphold our rigorous standards for design study while delivering highly efficient coordination between this design study, our set production schedules, our mock-up fabrication processes, and our project construction processes.  This streamlines Ellenzweig’s design-through-construction continuum and expands our palette of possible geometric solutions in meeting the needs and aspirations of our clients.