Leveraging BIM for Comparative Analysis

Challenge: Leverage BIM to derive a means of comparatively analyzing projects in terms of cost, energy use and space metrics.


Solution: Ellenzweig employs standard benchmarking components tabulating cost, energy use and space metrics in its standard BIM template for all projects.  We are developing cost and energy-use add-ons, integrated with our BIM software, to help us produce dynamic data analytics associating cost and energy metrics with the tabulated space metrics that are directly derived from our BIM models.  Data analytics for these cost, energy-use and space metrics can evolve dynamically as our project BIM models evolve.


Benefit: Ellenzweig’s evolving data analytics, derived by our “live” BIM models and dynamically relating projects’ cost, energy-use and space metrics, give us a means of real-time cross-project comparisons to inform our ongoing project design.  Further, this process gives us comparative historical project-to-project analytics for informing clients’ aspirations for cost, energy-use and space allocation in their facilities.