Use of Technology

The University of Mississippi
STEM Building
Oxford, Mississippi

Day lighting is an important component of sustainable design, as it can reduce the need for artificial lighting and can help to create welcoming gathering spaces for building occupants. Day lighting needs to be carefully controlled, however, to avoid heat gain and glare caused by direct sunlight.


At our new STEM project at the University of Mississippi, the main social space of the building will utilize abundant natural light, but will minimize heat gain by orienting rooftop light monitors northward, and by carefully manipulating light scoop forms to provide natural light at all levels of the building and all the way to the atrium floor. Building Information Modeling (BIM) analysis informed the design of the light scoops to maximize daylighting performance while controlling glare. The building ”hub” will form the main gathering space for the new facility, accommodating varied social and collaborative activities, food service, poster sessions, and community outreach.