Protection from Roof Uplift and Large Missile Impacts

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, School for Marine Science and Technology Building
New Bedford, Massachusetts

Located within 500 feet of the shoreline and in a MEMA Zone B Evacuation Area adjacent to a FEMA AE Flood Zone, the walls and roof of this building are designed to meet the Code requirements for a Category 3 hurricane (max wind speed 130mph per IBC/ASCE 7 Code criteria).


These environmental and regulatory parameters necessitate curtain wall and storefront insulated glazing units (IGU’s) that are resistant to large missile impact. This requires tempered glass for the outer pane and laminated for the inner. Additionally, high-strength aluminum is specified for the mullion and mullion cap assembly.


The roof assembly, compliant with FM Global 4450, is specifically designed to resist uplift failure. (Failure would introduce a vacuum into the building and could cause window implosion.) Therefore, the roof is a multi-layered assembly of TPO membrane, adhered cover board, and two layers of insulation – the first layer mechanically fastened to the roof deck.

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